1.    To ensure accuracies in Weights & Measures in the field of trade & Commerce, industrial transactions & enforcing the Legal Metrology Act and Rules.

2.     To enforce the Packaged Commodities and regulation of correct quantities and ensuring sale of commodities at printed price (MRP) of Manufacturer/Packer on the Packaged Commodities.

3.     Imparting training to the enforcing officers of the Department at Indian Institute of Legal Metrology, Ranchi. Established by Government of India, and other recognized institutes.

4.     Creating awareness among the consumers and traders of Legal Metrology Laws, through exhibitions, fairs and organizing awareness programmes, where large numbers of consumer are generally gathered, like shadies, parks etc.,

5.     Creating awareness among consumers and traders by involving voluntary organisations.

6.      Initial verification & stamping of Weights & Measures, to ensure, accuracy and conformity with specification as laid down under Legal Metrology Act and Rules.

7.     Periodical Verification and Stamping of Weights and Measures used in commerce and industry and for the purposes of industrial protection and transactions.

8.     Periodical verification and stamping of Auto-rickshaw and taximeters.

9.     Conducting of Inspections/surprise inspections for detection of violation of the provisions of the Legal Metrology Laws and to take  legal action against erring traders, industrialists etc.,

10.    Examination and determination of net quantity and error in packages at the premises of the manufacturers or packers.

11.   Registration of the manufacturers, packers and importers who pre-packs or imports any commodities for sale, distribution or delivery  under the provisions of  The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules – 2011.

12.  Issuing and renewing the liecnces of manufactures, dealers and repairers of Weights and Measures.

13.   Conducting workshops, seminars and the like programs to educate Departmental Personnel, traders and consumers.

14.  The Department has established Standards of Weights and Measures laboratories at State, Division, District, Sub-division levels.  There are 14 Secondary Standard Laboratories at Central Laboratory, Bangalore, Kolar, Mysore, Chitradurga, Hassan, Hubli, Gulbarga, Raichur, Mangalore, Shimoga, Bellary, Karwar, Belgaum, Bijapur.  There are working Standard Laboratories one each in Assistant Controller and Inspectors of Legal Metrology offices.

15. The Government of India has established a Regional Reference Standard Laboratory for southern region at Jakkur Bangalore to provide facilities for verification of Secondary Standards used by Department and also to provide advanced facilities for calibration of highly sophisticated instruments used in industries.

16. The approval of model of weights& measures is also being done by the Regional Reference Standard Laboratory at Jakkur, Bangalore as per the specification laid down in the Legal Metrology (General) Rules – 2011.

 17. To file charge sheet in court against erring traders and to monitor the trial of cases in courts.