Various Violations under Legal Metrology Laws

1.     Use of Weights and measures other than those prescribed under the rules.

2.     Use of quotations etc., otherwise than in terms of Standards unit Weight or Measure.

3.     Manufacture, repair or sale of Weights or Measures without valid licence.

4.     Manufacture, sale of Weights and Measures other than Standards prescribed under the Act and Rules

5.     Sale and Use of unverified and un-stamped Weights or measures.

6.     Non-display of certificates issued by the Department.

7.     Pre-packed commodities shall not be sold, distributed, delivered, displayed or stored for sale, unless the package complies with the provisions of the Act and the Rules.

8.     Counterfeiting, tempering, removal of seals and increasing, diminishing or altering any weight or measure with a view to deceive any person in transaction.

9.     Sale or delivery of commodities by non-standard weight or measure.

10.    Keeping non-standard weight or measure for the use in transactions.

11.   Selling of any article less than the quantity contracted for or rendering any service less than the service contracted for or buying any article in excess of the commodity contracted for or obtaining any service in excess of the service contracted for.

12.  Entering into a contract or other agreement in terms of any standard other than the standard units.

13.   Alteration and tampering with any licence issued under the Act/Rules.

14.    Selling or delivering rejected weights and measures.

15.  No person shall impersonate in any way the Controller, Deputy Controller, Assistant Controller, Inspector or any other Officer of the Department.

16.  No person shall give false information to the Department which may be required or asked for and no person shall submit either a false return or maintain a false record or register.


17.  No employer shall avoid the voracious responsibility for the offence committed by his employee.

18.   No person shall pre-pack any commodity unless he registers himself in accordance with the Legal Metrology(Packaged Commodities) Rules 2011

19.  No retail dealer or other person including the manufacturer, packer and wholesale dealer shall make sale of any commodity in packed form at a price exceeding the retail sale price(MRP) printed on the package or on the label affixed thereto.

20. No retail dealer, manufacturer, packer or other person shall obliterate, smudge or alter the retail sale price(MRP) indicated on the package or on the package or on the label affixed thereto.

21.  No package shall be sold, delivered or displayed for sale unless it contains the required declarations on it or on the label affixed thereto.